Shipping Information

Our aim is to only charge postage + packing costs, and not to make a profit on shipping and handling.

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, and are based on the number of, size, and weight of items that you have purchased.

When more than one item is ordered, it becomes more complicated, as I have had to work out how much they will weigh and how big they will be, of all the different combinations of what people may order.
I didn't want to add a standard fixed fee, as I did not want those ordering smaller items to pay more than necessary, so I am hoping that the system works.

Individual items, and small orders are sent by Royal Mail, large orders are sent by UPS or My Hermes.

I have calculated postage costs based on Large Letter, and Standard Airmail Parcel. We advise you to contact us before placing large orders. Parcels over 2kg in weight get hideously expensive, and I have set a default of £70 in the hope that you will contact us at this point to get an individual postage quote.