Application Instructions for your Vinyl Sticker

Read through all of these instructions before you start.

A few things to note before you start.

If your sticker is no longer flat, place it flat under a book or two for several hours before application.

Avoid application on a windy day. The wind could blow the sticker, making it stick to a place that you do not want it to stick, including itself. Dust could adhere to the sticky side, or the place where you are putting it.

You will need

Masking tape, squeegee (or any plastic ID card – although not recommended as it may damage it!), soapy water (spray bottle may be useful) and a dry cloth.

Preparation of the surface.

Using rubbing alcohol, or soap and water. (DO NOT use any polish based products or Window cleaners, as these contain waxes and impurities that the sticker will not adhere to).

Make sure you have cleaned, thoroughly,  the surface where you wish to place the sticker, including the surrounding area.

Measure your surface, marking your target area and centre point before starting.

Your sticker is sandwiched between a backing sheet and application paper.
DO NOT remove any of the layers yet.


  1. Position your sticker in place using the masking tape to secure along one edge (Usually the top).

  2. Peel back the backing sheet (underneath) gently, making sure the sticker is stuck to the application paper (top sheet). Discard the backing sheet.

  3. With the squeegee, starting from the top, apply pressure to the sticker a bit at a time, in an up and down motion, slowly moving down the sticker, until you reach the end. Remember to keep an eye on the positioning as you go.

  4. Apply pressure and squeegee along your sticker a few more times to achieve a strong adhesion.

  5. When you are happy, carefully peel back the application paper, making sure the sticker does not come off with it.

  6. If you have any air bubbles, you can pierce the edge with a needle and force the air out with your finger.

If you need any further help, here is a video

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